HIGH PORT 354. The highest observation deck in Europe.

When you find yourself here, your heart stops and yours eyes burst open with amazement, the scale astonishes you. This is simple. This is Moscow. You are at HIGH PORT 354, the epicenter of the business capitol in Moscow-City, in the tower that has a very symbolic name “EYE”.

The entire Moscow is in front of you.

Ticket Fee Business Hours Duration of the excursion Where to buy a ticket
Adults 1500 RUB 12:00pm – 12:00am 30 min excursion with a guide Ask a hostess at the Grand Lobby
Children (7-14 years old) 750 RUB 12:00pm – 12:00am 30 min excursion with a guide Ask a hostess at the Grand Lobby
Guest of 354group* 750 RUB 12:00pm – 12:00am 30 min excursion with a guide Ask your waiter

*The minimum amount of the check is 1000 RUB per person.

Directions to the observation deck can be found here.

You can review the rules of the observation deck here.

You can ask additional questions regarding the observation deck by calling495 777 71 11.

It’s time to look at and see the world around you, feel the wind, and breathe deeply with fresh and clean air. At this altitude, the air is always clean. The elevation here surprises, amazes, and shocks.

You can get here in different ways: you can visit a restaurant “Ruski” or an open terrace “Outdoor”, and after a romantic dinner you will be escorted to the top, where a guide will show you the city and tell you about interesting places and famous buildings, you will learn fascinating facts about our glorious capitol. Another way is to come directly to the observation deck, buy a ticket at the lobby, and take a high-speed elevator to the top.

Here, under the blue skies where the clouds float beneath and the green boundaries of the endless city can be seen, you throw your head back and look at the open heavens. Feel how it gets closer. In the evening, it feels like you can reach and touch the stars.

Many people specifically come to visit “EYE” to look at the city right before some significant event in their life, so they can reflect and make an important decision. Somebody comes up here only for an amazing selfie, others to say out loud the vital words. This is an ideal place to propose to the love of your life and a perfect place for a marriage ceremony to be held in heavens.

You should come here with children to observe fireworks or with out-of-country visitors to brag about and be proud of the city.

Here, you start to appreciate especially keenly how this city lacks zeppelins and hot air balloons, silent sky ships of the distant romantic past. Perhaps one day the golden bulk of the giant airship would moor to the HIGH PORT 354 on the top of the tower “EYE” to welcome on board its guests and quietly sail into the ocean of the Moscow night.

Once you are here, you understand that you won’t be able to forget this place! How can you forget Moscow?