The highest open
observation deck in Europe!

All Moscow is in full view

Panoramic view






Each ticket includes a compliment:

Ice cream

Favorite delicacy of children


Сoffee, tea or lemonade

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Before purchase, please read the observation deck visiting rules.

1 500 rub
1 200 rub
For children from 7 to 14 years inclusive
750 rub
600 rub
Day / night
Valid for a double visit during the day by one person
2 000 rub
1 600 rub

* You can also buy a ticket from Hostess in the grand lobby of the 354Group complex, or, if you are a guest of our restaurants, from the waiter.

Excursion to the observation deck

You can visit the observation deck without an excursion or with guided tours. In this case, it is not necessary to book a particular excursion in advance. At the entrance to notify our manager that you are interested in the service of the guide. The cost of the service is free of charge. Depending on your mood, situation, circumstances, we will offer relevant topics for excursions.

We offer thematic excursions:

What can we tell about our favorite and famous city? Learn about Moscow a lot of amazing facts during our excursion!

The Image of the Great City

For those who love the Soviet period

Moscow, which we lost

For those who are nostalgic for the Imperial period

Water Arteries of the City

For those who love the embankments of Moscow

Forty magpies of the City

For those who value Moscow for the soul

Romantic Moscow

Если вы вдруг оказались на смотровой с самым дорогим человеком

If you came to observation deck with children, то we will find an approach to them and will have fun, learning more about our city and answering a lot of interesting questions:

Who is Vernadsky?
Why is the main street of Moscow is Tverskaya, and not Moscow?
What kind of house, fancy shape on Khodynka?
How many Stalin's skyscrapers?
Where is the beginning of the Third Transport Ring?
... and why does Moscow called Moscow?

How to visit the observation deck?

Option 1. Come to Moscow, 1st Krasnogvardeiskiy proezd, 21 building 2, OKO tower (Mejdunarodnaya Metro Station), Lobby of the restaurant complex 354. Further our staff takes you to the observation deck.

Option 2. You are a guest of our restaurants: Ruski, Insight, or "Outdoors. " You are already at a dizzy height, enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ask about the service of visiting the observation deck from the waiter, who will tell the details.

Ask additional questions:

+7 (495) 777-1330

Working time: from 12 pm to 23 pm, Monday to Friday (until the last guest) and from 12pm to 23pm, Saturday-Sunday (until the last guest)

See you at HighPort354!

It's simple. This is Moscow. You - on the observation deck High Port 354.

The best observation deck of Moscow City "HIGH PORT 354 " opens gorgeous views from the top of the tower "Oko ", from the roof of the restaurant complex "354. Why the best? This platform is the highest in the Russian capital and in whole Europe - its height is 354 meters! The panorama from the sky above the clouds is much wider than in other viewing areas of Moscow City: the panoramic view covers 360 degrees!

If the weather is not good

In cool weather, or just at wish, we have special plaids that will warm. If the weather has completely ruined the plans for a walk - you can refuse to visit the observation deck, and postpone the visit time.

Photos for memory

You can use a machine-monocular, to admire a beautiful Moscow.
And if you take with you a photo / video camera, unforgettable impressions will remain on the most spectacular memorable shots, which taken not through the protective glass, because the observation deck is completely open!

Always a holiday

It does not matter if you get to the observation deck on a holiday or on a usual day - regardless of the purpose of the visit, a festive mood is ensured! Come with friends, with your loved ones, bring business partners, surprise the guests of the capital! And be sure to come with the whole family! Unique landscapes are waiting for everyone at the height of "354" to conquer the heart forever.

Hashtag of the observation deck is #onlyloveisabove , and only after getting here you understand that this is the truth!