Ruski - a restaurant with a russian cuisine and panoramic views of Moscow

Ruski is a restaurant with a panoramic view, and the part of the highest restaurant complex in Europe "354". It is located in Moscow City "OKO" tower 84th floors, at the height - 354 meters! In the clouds above you will be lifted up on a high-speed elevator. There, guests are greeted by a bright hall with a grand staircase leading to the restaurant. Also on the 86th floor - on the top of the tower "OKO", on its roof, is the highest in Europe open observation deck HIGH PORT 354.



The restaurant has an incredible panoramic view of Moscow. Windows around the perimeter, from floor to ceiling! And inside, beautiful music, warm sunny colors of the interior, rounded cozy silhouettes of furniture and smooth lines of decor. Everything creates the feeling that you are in the world of Russian fairy tales from childhood.

The restaurant has four guest zones, which surround the kitchen with a russian stove at the head. You can go around the perimeter, changing the atmosphere of the halls and glancing at the best views of the city from the panoramic windows.

And at 10 p.m. the light inside the restaurant is muffled, and behind the window a precious carpet of evening lights of Moscow blossoms!



The name Ruski articulates the national belonging of the restaurant to our russian cuisine.

Its main attraction is the russian oven. The eight-meter, three-aisle, it occupies the central place of the restaurant. On the open, like a scene, a kitchen zone is being conjured by cooks. It is run by a young chef Alexander Volkov-Medvedev, who previously worked with Saule Capemninin in Orange3, Regis Trigel, Nathan Dallimor and Natalie Hosting in Strelka and at the Pushkin restaurant with Andrei Makhov. Gastronomic handwriting - use simple, affordable products, focus on the interaction of tastes. Loves "nordic style" with its various berries, a combination of incongruous and products prepared by prolonged languor.


 Ice bar

Here, in a rooftop restaurant, besides two traditional bars, you can visit the high-altitude "Ice bar", with drinks and a bar of ice blocks. Make a selfie on an icy throne, feel the russian frost and taste black caviar with ice cold vodka! And do not be afraid to freeze - you will be given a fur coat: black from the yak or white from the llama.

You are in the russian fairy-tale winter at the height of "354"!