Restaurant "Outdoors"

"Outdoors" is a unique project. On the assurances of experts, it is the highest open veranda in Europe, and this is only one of the reasons to visit the restaurant, or celebrate a wedding and another event here. It is located on the 86th floor of the "Oko" Skyscraper in Moscow City at an altitude of 354 meters!

The veranda was decorated with a variety of living plants, and a comfortable lounge area with hanging chairs and play areas with a kicker create a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the main highlight of the restaurant is a panoramic view of the sights of Moscow.

The restaurant is equipped with a convertible roof, which protects you from wind and rain, so you can be sure that you will be in a comfortable atmosphere and contemplate a magnificent view of Moscow without any interference. In fine weather during the day or at night, the roof-transformer is pushed in and you are under the clouds or starry sky.

The menu of the restaurant from Chef Alexander Staheev. Mostly there are dishes cooked on the grill and seasonal 


The cocktail menu is answered by a team of professional bartenders, led by Ilya Doronin and Roman Portnov.

Restaurant and veranda "Outdoors" is a complex of unique designer solutions, unique dishes and cocktails of author's cuisine, as well as a breathtaking panoramic view of Moscow. This exclusive mix is ​​perfect for an event or a date and will give you an unforgettable impression of contemplating the spectacular view of the city.