Festival "Season"

The third month of summer is the most generous for its fruits: juicy watermelons and melons, grapes, fragrant apples and pears, spicy greens, vegetables, mushrooms, game, you can enumerate endlessly.
Concentrate on these products and invite you to our restaurants Ruski and "Outdoors"!

Ruski / Alexander Volkov-Medvedev


Smoked duck with mushroom consommé and celeryak (100/120г) 670=

Pumpkin soup with Atlantic shrimp (380г) 630=

 Baked beetroot, steamed pumpkin, goat cheese, tarragon (335г) 570=

Smoked zander, cucumber, tarragon, rice (120/160г) 1130=

Krupennik (buckwheat pudding with curds), roasted pepper, oxtail (370г) 670=

 Whipped apples (70\180\35г) 470=

"Outdoors" / Alexander Staheev

Tomato mix salad (270г) 870=

Bruschetta with foi-gras sauce and halibut gravlax (160г) 1130=

Duck with fermented cabbage (300г) 970=

Smoked salmon and topinambour pasta (350г) 1270=

Duck tortellini with mushroom cappuccino (145г) 970=

Pear and Rosemary (150/70г) 670=